Economic Synopses

  1. What are the Fiscal Costs of a (Great) Recession?, Economic Synopsis, 2018, No. 22

    Less technical summary here

  2. Rising Interest Rates, the Deficit, and Public Debt, Economic Synopsis, 2018, No. 28

The Regional Economist

  1. Rising Rates Impact Borrowing Costs for the U.S. Government, Too, The Regional Economist, Third Quarter 2018

    Less technical summary here

Blog Posts

  1. The cost of owing, FRED Blog, March 2018
  2. Paying interest on excess reserves, FRED Blog, June 2018
  3. How Risky are Government Intervention Programs?, On the Economy, August 2018
  4. Fed Payments to Treasury and Rising Interest Rates, On the Economy, September 2018
  5. Domestic Debt Before and After the Great Recession, On the Economy, October 2018
  6. Is the financial sector becoming more productive?, FRED Blog, March 2019


  1. Fiscal Policy and Inequality, Economic Education workshop for high school and college teachers
  2. Fiscal Policy and Inequality, Timely Topics Podcast, September 2018